Beautiful paintings match feng shui to avoid the unpredictable disaster

If you need to hang beautiful pictures for the house you need to note the following to avoid bad disaster.

Painting “Cuu Ngu”

The picture has 9 swimming fish bring long luck and wealth to the owner if hanging in the fall or summer

Painting “Tam Duong”

Picture 3 goats bring great sand for the benefit of the owner. But this picture should not be placed in the living room.

Painting “Tuấn mã”

The image of the watery horses implies a broad and solid tone for the owner, but you note should not hang the painting in the south to avoid unfilial children, the headache dizzy.

Painting “Phoenix”

Those born in the fall or summer should hang this painting to create harmony, happiness and family stability. Also Cat people, Dogs should not.

Painting “Thanh Long”

Not hanging this picture is easy to make the homeowners lose focus, easy to replace and affect the family life.

Painting “Tiger Tiger”

Normally, only people born in the fall will be considered appropriate to suspend, the age of Than and Abstinence should not hang.

Painting “Landscape painting water”

Limit the picture of the park or sunset painting gloomy dusk


Do not hang more than a portrait will make the mood of people in the house fluctuate and psychological imbalance can cause major obstacles.

Painting “God Buddha”

Do not hang too many pictures of “God Buddha” to avoid affecting relationships among family members.

Source: aboluowang, pchouse

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