6 feng shui objects bring wealth to the owner

These beautiful feng shui objects are not only decorative, but according to the feng shui experts it also brings the fortune for the home owner. If you know how to decorate, then wealth will come to your family. Here are 6 feng shui items recommended by experts in the industry:


Sailboat symbolizes success, advancement in career. This is an item associated with business. This feng shui item is usually placed at the door or on the desk to achieve good luck and high efficiency in the work.6 feng shui objects bring wealth to homeowners 1

In feng shui, sailing is meant to bring wealth from both wind and water, symbolizing the work of “smooth sailing”, no difficulty, trouble.

Statue of Maitreya Buddha

With the images close and always smiling, the Buddha brings warmth to everyone. This is also the feng shui bring happiness, luck and the best things for everyone.6 feng shui objects bring wealth to the owner - statue

Many homeowners display the statue of Maitreya Buddha in the house with the purpose of family members will always cheerful, optimistic and have many luck in life.


Trees are often displayed on public holidays to show good luck and family well-being. Trees are often made of materials such as gemstones, paper money or feng shui, .. Although made of any material, fortune also brings luck and prosperity for the family.6 feng shui objects for the owner - tree fortune

Trees are made of precious stones, feng shui stone or paper money of different sizes.

Coin coins

It is a symbol of harmony, which is widely used in many Asian countries. The money is in the shape of a circle, the inside of the circle is the square symbolizing the harmony between heaven and earth, natural time, all things are favorable and successful.6 feng shui objects bring homeowners fortune - the ancient coins

When displaying items, homeowners pay attention, can tie three or more coins together and then thread the red string and hang in front of the house to attract money into the home.

The toad holds coins

The item is just beautiful and bring good luck to the family. In addition, when you put this object in the fortune also come to your family.6 feng shui objects for the owner - the toad carry coins

In feng shui, toad is a very popular mascot used, it symbolizes the luck of bringing wealth to the owner. 


Cabbage is a bag of money, bringing good luck to everyone. Put cabbage in the house, the family will encounter many favorable luck in the work. Therefore, the placement of cabbage in the home will help homeowners bring good luck, fortune in the home and should place in the important position, matching the owner’s fortune.6-vat-pham-dep-mangroves-locust-de-gia-chu (6)

In addition, you can also place items on the tea table in the living room or dining table in the dining room can also good gas for the family and fortune fortune.


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