Wanting fresh flowers in the house to be always fresh, you just grab these 9 tips!

Flower is a beautiful home decoration indispensable in many modern living space. But planting flowers is also troublesome and sometimes you feel helpless before the blooming darkness of flowers. To avoid the shortness of flowers you just need to grasp the nine tips below ensure that flowers in your home always fresh.

1. Always use clean containers

You can not use the jar, jar flower if you want to fresh flower. The secret to always using clean containers is to help prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from reproducing and infecting the flowers. Thanks to that, your flowers will always be fresh, long lasting. Add a small note when you put flowers in the bottle, you have to make sure the trunk of the flower is not too tightly compressed, it is best to choose a flowerpot with a wide neck.

Place flowers in hot water

The best flowering water temperature is between 43-44 ° C and not boiling water. You pour hot water into the jar over a half of the stem of the flower then stop then place the vase in a cool place from one to two hours. As hot water molecules in the cooler air go faster, the stems lose less moisture, helping to prolong the life of fresh flowers.

Place flowers in warm water if you do not want to harden the flowers

If you do not like to follow the above method you can still put flowers in warm water at room temperature. Fresh cut flowers are best stored in warm water instead of cold water. However, with some flowers of the tubers, good storage is in cold water.

4. Cut the leaves at the end of the burn

Removing late leaves is a good way to keep flowers fresh longer. Because these are superfluous if you do not cut, they will quickly rot when washed in water, creating a favorable environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to infect and damage the rest of the flower.

5. Change water frequently

For fresh flowers, it is best to change the water for each flower. You also need to clean the stain on the jar, the flowerpot before changing the water. This reduces the risk of infection for flowers so the flowers will last longer. If possible, add some aspirin to the water to keep the water clean and to limit the damage to the flowers.

6. Cut the trunk at an angle

Did you know how to cut a trunk at a 45 ° angle to keep fresh flowers longer? In this case, prepare a sharp knife, trim the head of the trunk at a 45 ° angle. This way to increase the ability to absorb water for flowers is a condition that helps fresh flowers long.

Keep flowers away from the sun, fireplace and fruit

Choose the position of the flower vase away from the sun as well as the objects that emit a large heat source such as a fireplace because the high temperature is not good for maintaining the freshness of the flower. It is also important to avoid putting the vase close to the fruit as ethylene gas in the fruit will cause the flower to fade.

8. Withered flowers as soon as possible

Watch the vase every day and leave the flowers withering as soon as you see them. Otherwise the ethylene gas produced from the wilting of the flowers will quickly decay.

9. Arrange flowers properly

Learn about the relative similarity between flowers to know how to arrange flowers in the same bottle. Because not all flowers can be placed together in water with other flowers.

These tips help to maintain the longevity of flowers for a short time because of the rule of early bloom that belongs to the flowers that are not right? Do not regret it and drag if the vase soon decayed despite all the above measures nhé! Instead, you start to put a new flower vase to the house more beautiful, more fresh nhé!

(According to Brightside)


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