The divine tips help your housework smoothly

Homemaking is a job that requires a lot of patience, patience of anyone. It’s not just cooking a meal but also “mountain” the work of cleaning, cleaning, arranging, handling household appliances. You can not operate the kitchen without any scientific plan, you should still equip yourself with the secret to be able to solve the delicious incident occurred while doing housework. You may not know all these divine tips even though they have been widely shared since the twentieth century. This article will give you tips on how to handle the most common situations.

Gas leakage is almost unavoidable when you are a regular in the kitchen. If there are no men in the house, you can calmly resolve the problem by taking some soap or dishwashing liquid into the gas pipe. As soon as you hear the smell of gas, you should immediately check and stop by doing simple but effective on immediately to protect your own safety.

Rub soap or dishwashing liquid on the gas pipe to handle gas leakage

Do you still use brooms or vacuum cleaners to collect debris? In fact, this way does not clean up the debris falling on the floor. The best way to do this is to use a wet cloth or towel to wipe the debris. After cleaning, you can throw the towel or piece of cloth. Thus, the floor will have no trace of broken pieces of furniture.

Using brushes or vacuum cleaners is not a good way to handle debris from furniture

Do your cooking steadily. At times like that, you tend to find tweezers or something to pick up the pieces. However, this method does not produce results as you expected. Try the following: pour boiling water into a glass jar, press firmly on the palm of the jar. The heat in the glass jar will cause the jaw to slowly protrude and you can now pick it up easily without pain.

The hot steam in the glass jar is a jar that will protrude quickly and will not hurt you.

How to separate the two glasses sticky tightly because you accidentally stacked them together? Simply put the cold water in the glass at the top and place the glass in the bottom in hot water. At that time, you were able to gently separate two glasses of glass from each other easily and do not worry about broken.

Do not rush to separate two glasses should apply this simple but effective way

Many people buy flowers for the purpose of giving friends, lovers, for example, always bothered when the flowers wilt too fast. Do not worry, there is a trick to help fresh flowers to the week is very simple but not everyone knows, it is to plant flowers in the potato. To keep flowers fresh, do not forget this divine tip.

Potatoes are the “savior” for fresh flowers

When cutting sandwiches, are you always upset by the scattering of bread all over the place? Now, you can comfortably cut the cake without the hassle of sandwiches by simply placing a boiling water jug beside the loaf while cutting to soften the cake crust for cutting the cake. It’s easier than ever.

Sandwiches are no longer an obsession

(According to Brightside)

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