The kitchen is neat and tidy with only 8 tips for this item

Organizing and organizing kitchen utensils neatly, orderly is not easy. But you just need to pocket the 8 tips below, the arrangement of kitchenware will lighten much faster and at the same time, your kitchen is always kept in a state of the neat eye.

1. Put the kitchen utensil on the back of the cabinet door

Create small hooks at the back of your kitchen cabinet doors and you will have the space to store great kitchen utensils. This way of avoiding messing up the kitchen is too much furniture and help to clear up enough space for this space.

2. Label the bottle

Even if you are a person with superhuman memory, you cannot be heartbroken and quickly spice up when needed. So, you label the jars to be easy to distinguish and save time and do not touch so many unrelated furnitures.

3. Use a glass box

There is nothing like transparent glass boxes to contain spices. You can easily distinguish the spice with other spices thanks to the transparent layer does not cover the view as the container closed as previously used.

4. Use shields

With plates in the kitchen you should use the screen to arrange them more tidy, more neat. This way not only makes the kitchen more beautiful but also makes it easy to get the disc used when needed.

5. Cooker storage tray

Not only with the spices and dishes but also the pots in the kitchen you should also find ways to store them in a separate space such as this beautiful storage tray. Every search will save you time because you just need to look at the tray and select the pot that matches the dish you are about to finish. Remember to open the ventilation holes for this pot storage tray.

6. Store under the pedestal

Many island kitchens have designed such gaps and what you should do is fill up the supplies there to take advantage of this area. The kitchen will be neat and tidy when you know the kitchen cabinets below kitchen appliances storage needs it.

7. Magazine Racks

Many sisters love to read the magazine about food, fashion and throw away on the island kitchen makes the kitchen extremely sloppy and lost aesthetics extremely. Design a magazine rack by taking advantage of this small corner to make the kitchen more neat.

8. Storage shelf

You can not overlook the useful shelves for this kitchen to store the bottles needed. They do not take up too much space in your family’s kitchen, but they also store quite a few kitchen utensils needed for neat and tidy cooking space.

(Theo Afamily)

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