7 simple tips to help cool home in the summer without air conditioning

Summer is when the temperature rise to cause sultry air, stuffy. In order to reduce the heat quickly and efficiently for the house, you can apply 7 simple tips below to help cool home without air conditioning.

Closed during the day

Do you know that 30% of the heat entering the house through the window, especially in the summer when the temperature rise. So to reduce the temperature in your home just close the window, especially the windows in the west and south. You can also use blinds, curtains to reduce the heat faster.

Close and dampen all windows in the house during the day to prevent heat absorption through the window

Open the window at night

Overnight is usually cool and pleasant due to the temperature is no longer sultry, unpleasant as day. Therefore, you should open all windows in the evening if you want to cool your home in a natural way without resorting to air conditioning. The pleasant atmosphere will overflow the house instead of the stifling heat of the day.

Use the device at night

You should use equipment such as washing machines, dryers, air conditioning at night instead of the day because it makes it easier for your home to heat up quickly during operation.

Planting trees for shade  

The benefits of green trees are well known in the hot, hot summer days. If your garden is spacious, plant trees for shade that help reduce the heat quickly for your home. But if the garden is too small, you can not grow tall trees. You can grow low or small plants in the house or climbing on the outside.

Planting trees is an effective way to cool the house in the hot summer

Add screens or shutters outside the window

Patios for windows with screens or shutters work to reduce the amount of heat absorbed in your home by 65-75%. So it’s a good idea to keep your house cool, so it’s a good idea to put extra windows or shutters outside, especially in the west and south.

Turn on the ventilation fan in the bathroom

The amount of electricity that the ventilator consumes is very low, so do not hesitate to turn on the ventilator in the bathroom for an additional 20-30 minutes after the bath to let the hot air out to bring a cool feeling for the cooler. House.

After showering, turn on the extra ventilation for 20-30 minutes to reduce heat quickly 

Use fluorescent bulbs

Today’s use of fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs is encouraged not only in the hot summer. Because not only is the amount of power consumed lower, the incandescent bulb does not emit much heat as incandescent bulbs help to minimize the rapid heating of the home.

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