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The following are terms of use of the Nhadepso.com website. Once you have used the website, you have read, understood, accepted and abided by these terms. If you do not agree, please do not register to use the Nhadepso.com website as well as the services provided by it. Nhadepso.com may change or modify the terms of use. You should regularly review the Terms of Use each time you access the website.

1. Rights of Nhadepso.com

• Nhadepso.com reserves the right, without prior notice, to adjust the services.

• Nhadepso.com reserves the right to modify or delete any information you provide to ensure that the information posted is consistent with the website.

• Nhadepso.com reserves the right to restrict the content of advertisements posted by users on the website by sending alerts, removing information or locking accounts.

• The resources in this forum are owned by the user, and Nhadepso.com assumes no responsibility for the copyright/liability of such resources.

• Nhadepso.com reserves the right to block access to and use of your website if you take any action that may be harmful to the website or violates the Terms of Service.

2. Responsibilities of users

Be responsible for the personal information provided to the site when you register for the service.

• Responsible for password-protected access, and the responsibility of signing in with your password, whether or not you directly login.

• Not to provide information that violates the law, contrary to customary habits, illegal business, harm to other individuals/organizations.

• Information not owned by another entity protected by domestic and foreign law is not provided.

• Must not interfere with or restrict the use of other users’ services; Do not distribute files containing viruses, malicious programs, or software files or programs that harm the service.

3. Link to other entities on Nhadepso.com

• Nhadepso.com may contain some links to other websites. These websites are not owned by Nhadepso.com, so Nhadepso.com will not be responsible for the information, services, and content posted on it.

• Nhadepso.com will not be responsible for damages caused by the products or services advertised directly or indirectly on the website.

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