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The design of the mini garden creates a graceful accent

thiet-ke-vuon-rau-gia-dinh-cho-nang-suat-cao (8)
The design of the mini garden creates a graceful accent
Đánh giá của bạn!

Small family garden design and space saving, but can give high productivity. Take advantage of the following vegetable growing solutions:thiet-ke-vuon-vegetable-family-food-vegetable-vegetable-soy (1)

Invest in a variety of containers around the garden as a charming landmark for the porchthiet-ke-vuon-vegetables-gia-dinh-cho-nang-suat-cao (2)

Choose a table to plant the pots on and under the table. This is how you save the garden area, but it is highly effectivethiet-ke-vuon-rau-gia-dinh-cho-nang-suat-cao (3)

Build a small wall of fast growing vinesthiet-ke-vuon-rau-gia-dinh-cho-nang-suat-cao (4)

Use old cloths to create flowery bouquets all year roundthiet-ke-vuon-rau-gia-dinh-cho-nang-suat-cao (5)

Choose a porch to develop a flower gardenhigh-protein-vegetable-diet-high-sodium-sesame (6)

Small pots along the fence are also the way to design a mini garden smartVegetable-vegetable-for-rice-suat-tall (7)

The design can make the mini garden look more spaciousVegetable-vegetable-for-rice-suat-tall (8)

Placing the pots on the wall is an effective solution for the mini gardenthiet ke keu vuon vuon vuon vuon vuon vuon-suan-cao-suang-suat-cao (9)

The platform is also an ideal place to grow mini treesVegetable-vegetable-for-rice-suat-tall (10)

Create a creative mini garden with just a laddervegetable-vegetable-food-vegetable-vegetable-for-high-salt (11)

The beautiful flower boxes along the fence are extremely creative ideasvegetable-vegetable-for-soy-high-salt (12)

Old tires can also be used as a great mini gardenhigh-protein-vegetable-diet-high-sodium-sesame (13)

Make use of the wooden bar and discarded cans to form a small garden

Although the area is small but you completely design garden utility mini with high productivity


The design of the mini garden creates a graceful accent
Đánh giá của bạn!

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