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8 space design trends for beautiful home

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8 space design trends for beautiful home
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Design a beautiful new space to welcome a fresh summer and full of vitality. Clean the house and start decorating with the latest trends
Good use of white
White has never been obsolete and it’s hot in the summer of 2017. You can choose good white mattresses such as mattress, pillow, blanket with white color to give children the feeling for you and your family.8-tier-tek-khong-gian-nha-dep (1)

Select gold tone

Tone gold brings classic beauty but vintage antique impression of your living space. You should skillfully design the product with space and create a highlight for the color.8-tier-thiet-ke-khong-nha-dep (2)

Select wood furniture

The colors of the wooden objects help the summer become more friendly, peaceful and closer.8-tier-thiet-ke-khong-nha-dep (3)

Select two colors to hit

Choosing two decent colors and harmonious in the family is the best and most creative option.8-tier-thiet ke-khong-nha-dep (4)

Choose the Terrazzo pattern

This brings the modern, soft, graceful and natural close to the space8-tier-thiet ke-khong-gian-nha-dep (5)

Choose geometric motifs

Graphic geometry helps blow a cool breeze in the summer8-tier-thiet-ke-gian-nha-dep (6)

Decorative textiles

Knitwear, textiles are the hot choice in the summer of 20178-tier-thiet ke-khong-gian-nha-dep (7)

Natural products

Small canopy plants, creating the delicate beauty of your family.8-tier-thiet ke-khong-gian-nha-dep (8)

Design beautiful space in accordance with new trends to welcome fresh summer


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8 space design trends for beautiful home
Đánh giá của bạn!

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