Three elements to note when you want to decorate your kitchen more brilliant

How long have you not been to the kitchen? Instead of steadily decorating the living room, bedroom, you should spend some time investing in the kitchen.

The kitchen is where you start a new day with delicious breakfast or cup of coffee. So a simple care to the kitchen will bring the excitement needed for you and the family members. Do you know just a little change enough to make your kitchen space more bright and brighter?

1. Color

When you want to renew any space, the best idea is to add a little color or some nice prints on the wall. You can completely change the kitchen space of your family by using eye-catching wallpapers, colorful wall paintings, kitchen or kitchen cabinets, and so on. Be creative and save you money in changing cooking space.

You can save a bit of money by repainting the kitchen or painting a new piece of kitchen wall. If you want more space art kitchen hang a few frames or pictures. Buying a new kitchen table and window dressing instead of faded ones is a way to change the cooking area to a new, more vibrant one.

Choose the island paint with colorful triangles to highlight the kitchen of your family

Drop the fake fruit into rectangular frames like this and you will have outstanding artwork hanging on the kitchen wall

To make the kitchen become more choosy, choose the kitchen cabinet color in navy blue and gold handle

The kitchen is much lively with colorful plates and blue kitchen walls

The geometric patterns on the wall always bring a modern look to your kitchen space

Moroccan style is prominent with the red chairs and the emerald green kitchen walls of a kitchen

Want to catch your eye? Choose this yellow paint and kitchen cabinets blue like this

The mint green of the kitchen wall is perfectly harmonized with the light green color of the dining chairs as it gives the living space a warmth.

The emerald green of the kitchen wall makes the cooking space more prominent

2. Kitchen island side

This is an important element of the kitchen and it is also easy to change so the cooking space becomes stylish. So you want to renovate the kitchen you should start by changing the kitchen island. You should choose the colors of the kitchen island opposite the color of the kitchen cabinet to create a new look for your home cooking area. Marble or stone is often the material you should consider because they are highly durable.

The blue kitchen island eye catching

Wooden kitchen island is elegant and delicate

Kitchen with modern grinding concrete

This is a solid wooden kitchen for extra luxury

The chef’s polished wooden kitchen offers a cozy kitchen space

Or you can choose cool island granite kitchen

3. Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are equally important factors kitchen island. Want to change kitchen space outside the kitchen island, you should also take care of kitchen cabinets. Can be painted other colors for kitchen cabinets or sculpture for kitchen cabinets beautiful. An outstanding kitchen cabinets bring high visual effects to help shape the style of your home kitchen.

Experiment the colorful cabinets and shape the kitchen more vivid

Choose mint green cabinets in harmony with the pastel colors of wood floor geometric patterns for more delicate cooking space.

Eye-catching with dark purple kitchen cabinets

Or lemon yellow cabinets bring freshness to your kitchen

(According to Digsdigs)

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