Take advantage of old drawers made into super cute interior pieces of furniture

Unused old drawers can still be used to turn them into interior decorations for your living space more vividly.

Decorating your home by recycling old furniture is not a great idea. You have an old drawer that does not know what to do with it? The article below will give you an idea of how to make the drawer seem useless to a useful item.

Just a little imagination and ingenuity you can revive the old drawer with a more eye-catching look and become an interior decoration for your home.

1. Walls

Turn the drawer into a wall decoration that is boring, monotonous by painting beautifully, carefully on the drawer and add the items you love to highlight the wall.

The old drawer was covered with a new jade blue jersey combined with simple glass jars and rustic wooden birds that set the stage for the white walls behind.

With a blue wall, a drawer painted with colors like white, yellow, orange is the right choice when it comes to making the space more youthful, dynamic.

2. Bed head

Some of the old drawers that have been altered will be well suited to make the bed head decorations perfect for the bed in the bedroom. Make sure you choose drawers with matching colors in the bedroom to create harmony for the room.

3. Bookshelf

How about books when your home does not have enough space to put up a large bookshelf? Think of the old drawers as the best solution to get a good space for your baby.

4. Coffee table

Bolder than you can create a coffee table with just four old drawers. First you put them together then paint the color you like and finally put on that transparent glass you have right at the table to sip cup of coffee to relax. You can add or remove wheels to this table leg as you like. For a more unique look, add a skull instead of a wheel to the style of this particular table.

5. The table stands next to the corner

Or you can use your skill to turn two old drawers into standing tables in the corner. This table can be used to place books, or vases, or a nice little item. The corner of the house suddenly brighten up just by recycling your old, unfocused drawer.

6. Pick up the little things in the bathroom

In the bathroom would need something like a cabinet to hold a lot of things such as shower gel, soap, towels, swabs, … Stretch the old drawer to the bathroom wall, paint your favorite color and start using this special cabinet.

7. Ottoman chair

The old drawer can be transformed into a unique Ottoman chair by adding a layer of fabric over the top. Choose a material like jeans, such as a cardboard pattern with a drawer color to enhance the eye for this unique chair.

Ottoman benches are transformed from the old drawers with the color of the mattress and footrests extremely harmonious.

Create a unique Ottoman chair by painting the colors you like

8. Flower pots

Your home garden is still missing the point? This can be solved only by the old drawers leave to make beautiful flower pots. Arrange them carefully to make your garden more romantic.

9. Storage area

Turn the old drawers into a personal storage area for your memories. By placing multiple drawers together you have one more shelves for memory. Want a vivid memory shelf you can paint beautifully for the cabinet and put on it a few flower pots to perfect space.

10. Seat

The old drawer can be transformed into a luxurious and aristocratic outdoor chair like this just by skillfully cutting the seat cushion as well as the appropriate paint on the footrest.


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