The super-beautiful work space for narrow spaces

Small space is always a problem of the houses, the apartment makes you always have a headache to arrange and arrange the most appropriate areas. For those who are on the job, a corner of work is indispensable in the house even though the area is very narrow. However, now, the worries of the crowded room affect your working angle will be resolved thoroughly by 13 ideas super beautiful design below.

1. Do you think the balcony is just a place to wind, plant a few pots, put out poles clothes? With a small balcony, turn it into a nice working corner like this

2. Take advantage of the tiny corner of the wall to design a simple yet functional corner of the room by choosing the smart interior.

3. “Small but powerful” working corner is a great idea for you to learn if your living space is too narrow.

4. Put your desk on the window sill and put in the shelf that you have at your creative workplace.

5. Walls separating functional areas in the home can also be an interesting working corner for you

6. Wall-hung shelves, small work desks, wall lights, high lights and stools provide a simple yet inspirational work space.

7. A small gap between the two walls can be transformed into a pretty working corner here

There is also a narrow space between the two walls, but you can add some eye-catching colors, attach a bookcase, work desk and add a lovely space to a wooden chair that folds easily. You have the right working corner

9. You can put a small cabinet under the desk to store documents. On the desk add a small potted plant, use zinc or braided cord hung horizontally to place the pins to remind the work cute to work more beautiful

10. Multifunctional furniture is a solution that many people use when living space modestly

11. You should note the interior of your work space in harmony with the surrounding furniture to create absolute harmony

12. The stairs are quite narrow but can still make use of this beautiful working corner

13. A colorful work corner will give you more new ideas to work better

(According to Digsdigs)

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