Renovation of beautiful living room must avoid 16 mistakes which many people made

Improving a beautiful living room is not easy as there are countless people who make common mistakes. The basics of design we often forget are instead focused on the feeling of losing the living room. Read the helpful articles below of Beautiful House to avoid the 16 mistakes that most people often inevitably to renovate their living room space offline.

1. There is only one lamp in the living room

nice living room

You must understand that light has an important role in creating a subtle beauty of this space, and at the same time, has a great impact on your own emotions. Instead of just focusing on a single chandelier you should invest in lighting systems that have different uses such as: reading lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights … for the living room and always overwhelmed. light.

2. No or no size carpet

Many people choose floor coverings for the living room through loudspeakers, a tiny carpet completely unsuitable for this space, looks extremely shabby. You should consider carefully the size of the carpet. A large carpet or a size fits the sofa set for a nice living room and a lot wider than the real area.

3. TV set not in place

Putting a TV set next to a window is a mistake many people make. This has never been the ideal location to set up a television because the light from the outside of the living room over the window makes it difficult to see the images on the TV even damaging the eye. The best place to put your living room TV should be the empty wall and you have to ensure that the distance from the TV to your sofa set varies from 3-5 diagonal lines.

4. Forgetting back pillows

The sofa is indispensable in the modern living room but it would be a big mistake if you forget the pillows back. However, when choosing back pillow you also need to pay attention to the size, material, color of the sofa to choose the best pillow. A small sofa will be ideal when you place small pillows on your back and vice versa. If your sofa is made from velvet, avoid backing pillows from cotton or linen.

Place a sofa near the wall

For the spacious living room should avoid this error. Keep it slightly away from the wall for a more comfortable and airy feel.

6. Dark furniture and low ceiling

Color creates a visual effect for living space and greatly influences your senses. When choosing a dark interior for a low-ceilinged living room, it’s just like you’re contributing to the strangleholding of space. Choose bright furniture, small tables and chairs to place in the living room with low ceiling to cheat height and bring more open space than the real area.

Choose furniture according to your design, not your preferences

Not anything you like to put in the living room would suit. You need to consider the interior design should not be vin the hobby to not have to regret the purchase of items not fit with this space.

8. Outdated furniture

The bulky furniture is exactly old fashioned no longer suitable to put in the living room. Instead, choose the interior with straight lines and sharp shapes for the more beautiful modern living room. You can choose traditional sofa but pay attention to modern colors, new to suit the breathing of the era.

9. Hanging the wrong picture

Photo so high that guests have to work hard to see. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid too high a picture or to hang too low. The ideal height for hanging pictures is 1m53 from the floor to the center of the image. If there are too many pictures you should put them together for display in a whole corner, avoid hanging each picture in a place in the living room.

10. Large furniture

With a spacious living room you can choose the size of the large sofa, but if the living room narrow area, the insertion of large, bulky furniture is not so at all. Choose the size appropriate to the size and height of the living room to create a sense of ventilation for this common living space.

11. Ignore the function of the living room

If your living room is rectangular, you should arrange the cabinet or shelves to adjust the shape of the room. For a square-shaped living room to bring a sense of harmony as well as easier to arrange furniture than a rectangular room.

12. There is no accent for the center of the room

A nice living room needs to have a highlight. A room with nothing outstanding in the interior, the color will look very monotonous, boring. Fireplaces, artwork, mirrors, … whatever items can bring prominence to the living room you should very application. Alternatively, you can use contrasting colors for the walls to create a touch of the living room.

Grow plants in small pots

The living room is quite a lot of people choose where to place the pots to make the space more relaxed, pleasant. But instead of placing so many small pots that make the room look confusing you can choose large pots to make the living room feel nicer and wider than the real space.

14. Outdated furniture casing

Change the pillow cover, sofa cover to bring fresh new look to the beautiful stylish room.

15. Only in one style

Faithful to a style that is never encouraged in the interior design of the living room. When you want to improve the living room more beautiful you should boldly ignore the old style was attached. The pursuit of new style will bring a new look to your living room.

16. Curtains hanging too low or too small

Hanging the wrong way is the mistake most of us make to make the living room look smaller. Hanging high and wide window curtains will create the feeling of living room as much taller. Choose window curtains for bright living room instead of dark color for more airy space.

(Theo Bright)

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