The idea of flower arrangement for beautiful house

Decorate the house beautiful with flowers is the solution chosen by many people both beautiful and help face the living space are changing constantly is not boring.

17 ideas flower arrangement house beautiful “play” below will make you can not take your eyes because of the subtle harmony that it brings your living space.

1. Flower pot with a slightly flared mouth is the ideal flowerpot because when plugged in the flowers will radiate out the corners and form a balance for the flower vase.

2. Pink, orange, red tulip flowers … like rainbow will be the color palette for your home to stand out, to please any eyes easily.

3. With the classic flower vase you should choose the flowers with fading color to create the most beautiful aesthetic effect.

4. The flowers you grow in your home garden will be very suitable when put in the pots, vases bring rustic beauty but also full of wild.

Two types of flowers in the spring are tulips and mortalities can be put together in the same vase, you can add a few green leaves to create a highlight. This vase, whatever the position of the house, has become strikingly hard to resist.

6. Peach blossom is a symbol of spring so many families love to plug the beautiful peach blossom decorations on this occasion. You can use the small branches to plug into the tank and to the middle of the house to bring spring air filled your living space.

7. The idea of choosing vases of colors that contrast with the colors of the flowers you plan to wear is a crazy idea but has high visual effects. Peach blossom will stand out when it is plugged in this pale blue vase.

8. Dining table is a place to decorate a flower vase with bright colors create cheerful atmosphere and also the romance for family meal more delicious.

9. Window sills are also places where you should pay attention to a little rather than steadily put the vases in the living room table, dining table, … Window sills will become more attractive when you know put a vase on it. brilliant.

10. Daisy Chrysanthemum brings light, delicate feeling to your living space in spring days. It is not necessary to select the flowerpot that is too picky, with daisy chrysanthemum, a simple vase, rustic like a glass vase, ceramic vase is enough to daisy daisy shine.

11. Your bedroom will suddenly brighten up by the vase carefully placed. Light up the bedside corner with a monochromatic flowerpot to sleep faster.

12. Sometimes you do not necessarily have to put a bouquet of flowers in a bottle, but only a flower is enough to highlight the living space shimmering. A single jasmine blossom will emit a scent, just combined with a simple white porcelain vase to bring sophistication and harmony to the room.

13. A round flowerpot combining flowers like pink, lotus, etc. will create a vivid flower vase, which will easily attract people’s eyes.

14. If you want to bring nostalgic space try to use the classic design pattern to make living space of your family more fancy.

15. Corner corridor is where people go most often, so placing a vase in this position will make the mood more fun and exciting.

16. The design flowers like fun elephant design will bring humor, lovely for your family living space.

17. For flowers with deep tone, you should combine some green leaves. The contrast of these two colors will make the vase more prominent, the flowers are not submerged in your home space.

(According to Housebeautiful)

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