Effective solution to overcome the three annoyances caused by the cramped bathroom

The cramped bathroom area is the top concern for many families. To improve the cumbersome bugs caused by the cramped bathroom, you may want to apply some helpful solutions in the article below.

If you know the right materials, equipment, and furniture, even though the bathroom has a narrow area, it still feels spacious and comfortable.

1. Stubborn space

Many modestly sized bathrooms often experience cramped space when using toilets, sinks, and showers.


-In order to save the installation area, you should choose the bathroom equipment in the wall for more spacious space. These wall-mounted units have a very simple, space-uncluttered design that will help increase the floor area of the bathroom.

– Choose bright bathroom floor tiles with bold lines to make the room feel longer.

2. Lack of storage space

With the narrow area, of course, the problem of lack of storage space needed to make you extremely critical when using the bathroom.


Combining cabinets with sinks to increase storage space is the ultimate solution to help you solve this difficult problem. The under-sink cabinet gives you enough room to store the necessary items in the bathroom and makes the bathroom look much more spacious.

Portable multi-story storage shelves are also a great way for families to increase storage space for bathrooms. Install shelf for shampoo, shower gel, … in a suitable place in the bathroom for convenient use and help to clean the space that contains more needed items.

The area behind the toilet is the place we often forget most that do not know that this is the ideal place for you to add shelves or lockers. With toothbrushes, brush your toothbrush, and select a basket to hold the small items inside.

* Cleaners, detergents and even baby toys can be placed in small drawers designed under the bathtub.

3. Bathrooms have no windows, no natural light

Because of the modest size of the bathroom, the bathroom is often designed as an enclosed space, with no windows that make it look as if they are stuffy, as well as with no natural light. more see.


-Choose wall tiles, able to reflect good light to help the bathroom brighten the room looks more spacious and airy.

-If you can not install the window because the bathroom is too narrow, make sure there is a ventilation hole to help circulate the air from the outside to the bathroom to keep the room airy, do not be stigmatized.

(Theo Houzz)

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