Choosing standard encaustic cement tiles for wall pavement

Encaustic cement tiles are favorite b modern family on the kitchen wall because it looks nice and easy to clean. To choose wall tiles, you can not do it generally. The standard kitchen tile selection below will help you.

Kitchens are areas where stains, grease, and cooking exist everywhere. Therefore, encaustic wall tiles need to choose the type of tile with a smooth surface for easy cleaning, cleaning. Characteristics of tiles that are easy to clean and high durability. It is not difficult to understand when many families choose these tiles wall kitchen.

How to choose brick wall tiles kitchen standards - Beautiful House Number


In addition to the attention to the type of brick tiles on the wall of the kitchen, you also need to note the size of the tiles to ensure the appropriate size of the kitchen.

Choosing standard brick wall tile kitchen - Beautiful House Number (2)

The balance between the size of the tile wall and the size of the kitchen can help to increase the space in the direction of higher or wider. By vertical tiles will help the kitchen look taller, brighter. In contrast, when you want to expand the kitchen you can tile tiles horizontally.

The size of the wall tiles popular kitchen is 30 × 30. Even smaller tiles can give you a more impressive look. But small bricks are difficult to apply as well as time consumed by many mortar vessels.


When choosing wall tiles, you can choose the color, texture. Or if you want to break the way, you can choose random encaustic tiles.

Choosing standard brick wall tile kitchen - Beautiful House Number (3)

Tiles are like a lot of tiles, depending on the preferences, kitchen decoration style you choose the pattern for the kitchen wall family. From lightly decorated motifs, simple geometric motifs hit the visuals.


Depending on the style of design as well as personal gout, you can choose the best wall tiles for the kitchen. It is important to keep in mind that the color of the tiles needs to be in line with the kitchen interior.

Choosing standard brick wall tile kitchen - Beautiful House Number (4)

  • Bright, neutral colors are popular with families because of their warm, pleasant feel.
  • Cold colors should not apply to wall tiles. Because these colors always feel cold and bad influence on the family spirit.

According to feng shui kitchen, due to kitchen fire so you should not choose red brick tiles with easy fire. Since red will increase the energy in the cooking area.

Choosing standard brick wall tiles kitchen - Beautiful House Number (5)

With small kitchen area, light-colored tiles will help the space as much as possible.

Brick flooring in the kitchen is a bright color, you can comfortably choose the color tile tiles wall kitchen. In contrast, if the color of the floor tiles is dark, you need to choose the light color for the wall tiles to create the necessary contrast.

These suggestions hope to help you get more experience in choosing the best kitchen wall tiles for kitchen room. Of course, the most important thing is the quality and the price of the tiles must be affordable. The quality ceramic tile suppliers are the ones that you can not ignore.

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