Beautiful home decor unexpectedly by 11 ways to make use of egg shell creative cheap and unique

It is not hard to get home with just a handful of ideas and a bit crazy to make the accessories just beautiful and unique. The eggs used by you do not hurry to throw away because it is a cheap material to help you make unique accessories that help decorate the house incredibly beautiful.

11 ways to utilize this innovative eggshell will help you to transform normal eggshells into items that you can not believe in. The appearance of your home will change significantly only with super-beautiful accessories made from this eggshell. Beautiful house numbers through the use of egg shell or cough to apply immediately.

1. The simplest way to change the normal appearance of the eggshell is to spray the eggshell surface exactly. With the slogan of the season in the year drawn up with a bronze curl on the blue paint background, the monotonous shell has completely transformed into decorative accessories beautiful house.

2. Have you ever thought of making a potted eggshell? No idea is impossible, the three pots from the brilliant eggshell in the picture above show that this is entirely possible. Paint the pot, add the dried branches and then add the egg shells painted with your favorite color on the branches is finished. You can make more than one pot and place it somewhere around the house to create a highlight.

3. The candlestick from eggshell is also not a bad idea to help you make use of the egg shells left to make the accessories beautiful home decorations.

4. If you have more eggshells, you can think of a nice basket with eggshells placed below the basket. Remember to paint the pastel color on the surface of the egg shell before dropping into the basket, you light. So there was a flower basket with shell eggs decorated living space but rustic but extremely delicate.

5. Decorate tea table or dining table with extremely cute bird style. Just a picky plate plus a bit of straw and some painted egg shells that you already have a beautiful house furniture.

6. Or the nursery tree from the egg shell so lovely like this? You can use your ingenuity to change the new coat for these monotonous eggshells by applying color to the eggshell, adding additional soil and sowing seeds for them to germinate. Will be the most lovely nursery seedlings you’ve ever seen.

7. Egg shell flower pot? No big deal. Please attach the foam tape to the egg shell does not tilt and remember to only plug a few flowers for each egg shell like you. Make as many eggshell vases as they are in a tray like this and place them on the living room table, you will not be surprised by what the eggshell vases bring to the space. live your life.

8. More adventure with hanging eggshell flower vases on the window is also an idea worth considering for you to change the angle for this more lively. Remember to avoid opening the window too wide so that the eggshell shell does not break due to the impact of the wind.

9. A wall wreath from the painted egg shell is also worth considering in making use of them to decorate the beautiful home.

10. No need to put flowers hard, you just put the shells painted enough color in the glass vials this is enough for living space is pretty.

11. Decorating doors with laurel wreaths from dry branches and eggshells like this is not hard to do. You can make all sizes for this laurel wreath to match your door.

(According to Housebeautiful)

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