1. Copyright policy

Nhadepso.com does not hold copyrights of the image and design of the housing. All articles posted on Nhadepso.com are written by members themselves, or be sent to the Beautiful House to re-edit to post; Some of the articles are translated from selected sources or from various sources. Articles collected or quoted by Nhadepso.com contain the author’s name and the reverse link.

Nhadepso.com always respects and promotes the articles that are invested in intellectual property, the gray matter that creates the resources and provides precious material for everyone. So Nhadepso.com is always against all abusive, harmful or intentional use of digital materials without the consent of the author.

If you want to post the article or quote apart from Nhadepso.com

2. Comment Policy

All people have the right to view and leave feedback in an article. We look at each of your comments is a great source of motivation for Website development and improvement.

Nhadepso.com respects the opinions, opinions, and views of individuals, so all comments will be retained as long as the content does not violate the following.

1. Spam or ad link.

2. Content without culture, breaking the law, gossip, lower prestige, hurt the personal honor …

3. Unclear words, words cannot be poisoned.