Where to buy the highly qualified encaustic cement tile with factory price

Besides the requirement of aesthetics, durability, high applicability, the price of tile is also a great concern of all customers. Address where to sell tile quality, where to buy tile with the factory price is the question many people are interested.

Encaustic tiles have great properties such as cool, easy to clean, clean, durable with time as well as easy to coordinate with other materials in decoration. And the tiles are handmade should be the same pattern but each pattern has its own soul. It is this particular design that makes the material so popular.

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Each tile carry their own soul (Photo: Sant Agostino)

What is the price of encaustic cement tile on the market today?

Cheap or expensive is always the biggest concern of customers in need. Currently, according to the survey from the contractor, for a long time, the price of cement tiles of good quality ranges from 350,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND / m2.

This fluctuation can be explained based on the cost of tile production.

At brick-making facilities, the cost per square meter is based on a variety of costs. From the cost of importing raw materials for production, paying for labor, using factory machinery, renting space to the elements of color, design, and size as well as types and quality of tiles. These factors greatly affect the price fluctuation of tiles. And more than that, encaustic tile store is the decisive factor in the price of a square meter of tile. 

Most Vietnamese users are psychologically afraid to buy retail products in the production base itself. That is the main reason leading to the situation that very few customers have the demand boldly contact directly with the tile supplier. Instead, they choose a tile and solution that is based on retail facilities. Obviously, the price of tile is always higher than the purchase at the production facility.

In order to avoid the possibility of buying the wrong quality, easy to fade color, low life expectancy in establishments, agents are not prestigious, customers should choose quality tile suppliers prestige.

StyleHome Cement Tile is one of the addresses worthy of your trust.

Customers should choose StyleHome brick

  • As a pioneer enterprise in the production of high-quality tile in accordance with Vietnam standard TCVN 6065: 1995 on cement floor tile;
  • Specialize in producing  and distributing tiles for restaurants, hotels, resorts, large architectural projects;
  • StyleHome meets the domestic market and exports to more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Australia, and Dubai;
  • A team of experienced and skilled artisans, skilled workers and modern machinery to support the strict requirements of customers.
  • StyleHome offers wholesale or retail for customers with unlimited quantity and design.
  • Commit to delivering the product on time, according to the agreement between the business and customers.
  • Price 1m2 tiles at StyleHome most competitive market.

The reason that tile prices at StyleHome always keep the most reasonable, the most competitive on the market today thanks to many factors. The cost of production has been reduced by StyleHome’s solution: import of non-intermediate inputs. In addition, the system of two workshops is located in Dong Nai, Kien Giang with modern machinery line to save up to the cost of land, labor, …

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Where is quality brick? Where to buy? Where to buy?

Readers of NDS will have the opportunity to purchase StyleHome tile products with discounts of up to 20%  by entering the following information.

Sign up for a StyleHome Style Voucher voucher with up to 20%


  • The eVoucher code expires on 15/06/2018.
  • The code is applicable both online and offline
  • The code can be filled in the order note

StyleHome also offers a number of special policies designed specifically for the designer and contractor.

Any questions please contact at the address:

StyleHome Ceramic

Office: 82, 11 Street, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC Factory 1:  Long Duc Commune. Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province Factory 2:  Thanh Loc Commune, Chau Thanh District, Kien Giang Website: https://stylehome.vn/gach-bong Hotline: 0933 247 3450967 247 345

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