[Experience] Choosing the right encaustic cement tiles suitable for the living space

You can choose the tiles suitable for living space based on the criteria such as aesthetics, durability, quality, space suit, …



First of all, when choosing tile, homeowners need to consider the aesthetic factor that the product bring home. The color, size, and pattern of each tile are very important to the aesthetics of living space. Encaustic tiles can provide a subtle living space if the homeowner has experience in selecting samples that meet the aesthetic requirements.

– About the color: Choose the color brick tiles should ensure the harmony with the main color of the interior and composite par home.

Experience the choice of tiles suitable living space_house beautiful number 1-2

In addition, the harmonious combination out, in the narrow space, few windows and lack of light should choose bricks in bright colors. (Photo: Honestlywtf) 

– Size: The current trend is to choose large size tiles for more spacious space, minimize the tile floor should meet the higher requirements of aesthetics. But that does not mean that the homeowner should apply that trend to all spaces that differ in size.

Experience the choice of tiles living space_ beautiful home1

The size of the standard brick should be 20x20mm (Photo: planete-deco)

For small spaces, only small and independent patterned tiles should be selected to increase the feeling of space. When space is large paving tiles should choose patterns with the motifs when combined into a large pattern, so that space will increase but not too large but dilapidated close to human beings.

– About the texture: When choosing tiles for small space, lack of light, the homeowner should select samples with less fancy to avoid causing confusion.

Experience the choice of tiles suitable living space - beautiful house number 13

Choose a simple, light brightly colored tiles for small spaces. (Photo: casacombossa)

Experience the choice of colors, tiles to meet the aesthetic requirements are based on the main color of the interior. The size of the brick should be based on the area, light and shape of the room. Harmony will create a living space style, showing the aesthetic guideline of the owner of the house.

Match the space

There are many types of tile and each type will fit into a certain functional area in the home.

– Living room: Ceramic tiles in the living room area should choose bright shades, textures, and colors to create impressive impression to guests.

Experience the choice of living space tiles - brick living room_nà đẹp

Ceramic floor tile formal living room. (Photo: moredesign)

Experience the choice of living space tiles - living room tiles break the beautiful_10For young homeowners, it is possible to pave tiles in a space-saving manner to create interesting accents.  Picture: cementtile32

– Bedroom: Use light-colored, brightly- patterned tiles that are suitable for space and are always filled with furniture and accessories such as bedrooms.

Experience the choice of tiles suitable living space - tile bathroom bedroom _ beautiful 12

Lightweight, luxurious cherry veneer for bedroom space. (Photo: Equipe)

Experience the choice of tiles suitable living space - brick bedroom hexagon_ beautiful house No. 11

It is possible to break the way using the hexagonal tile floor tiles. (Photo: Equipe)

– Kitchen-dining: Avoid selecting plain tile for the kitchen to ensure the safety of users. Particularly for dining room should choose soft color tiles to create a pleasant atmosphere for dining space.

Experience the choice of tiles suitable living space - tile floor kitchen _ beautiful house

The tiles are soft, harmonious with the kitchen space. Picture: cementtile32

Experience the choice of tiles suitable living space - brick kitchen wall_house beautiful number

Innovative kitchen wall tiles and lively. (Photo: Grudado)

– Bathroom: Tiles with friction, high roughness is very suitable for paving the bathroom. Particularly for walls, it is recommended to choose the pattern with light, smooth texture. In addition, this space can also be pressed when combining different types of tiles to create a lively look for the room.

Experience the choice of living space tiles - bathroom tile bathroom_house number

Brick tiles tile bathroom floor. (Photo: listspirit & remodeldecor)

– Lobby: In this space should choose the type of brick border – corner to create space emphasis.

Experience the choice of tiles suitable living space_ beautiful house number 1-3

Brick corner tiles for corridor space. (Photo: chicanddeco)

– Stairs: Tiles are often used to hit the stairs, creating a beautiful and interesting staircase.

Experience the choice of tiles suitable living space - tile tiles stairs_house beautiful number

– Garden & Patio: Outdoor tiles are often used to hit the place of the table, or the fence on the fence, creating the impression space, eye-catching.Experience the choice of living space tiles - brick yard yard

Brick tiles in outdoor relaxation space (Photo: forfur)

Quality, durability

Tiles generally meet the requirements and technical standards of pressure resistance of furniture, home appliances or decorative accessories in the home. Ceramic tiles are no exception. Homeowners should consider the durability and quality of the product before buying.

Ceramic floor tiles, waterproof and good strength is the product that homeowners should prioritize choice. If you choose the wrong product can cause cracks lead to aesthetic loss to the overall home.


When choosing to buy a brick, in addition, to meet the requirements of aesthetics, space suitability, and durability, the user also expects the product at a reasonable price.

At present, the market is quite good units supplying quality ceramic tiles for the house. But the price sometimes quite “chat”. Therefore, users should be careful in selecting the supplier of prestige brick, quality is the best price.

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