Villa space in Hanoi “stripped” completely after being renovated

After renovating, villa space in Hanoi as a new coat with intelligent solutions bring more wind, light, green trees into the house.

Beautiful villa space located in the villa with the same architecture, looks extremely boring. Sometimes owning a villa is a big deal, but the design is “in touch” is not what the owner does not want. The landlord is a person with more than 10 years living in this area should want to renovate all space villas help the house find new energy sources for tenants.


Location: Hanoi

Year: 2016

Architect: Ta Tien Vinh, Truong Tuan Chung

Group of collaborators: Le Minh Hoang, Thi Thao, Lai Hung Quyet, Nguyen Thi Hoa, Ngo Thi Ngan Ha, Truong Thi Ngoc

House space (1)

The old villa space was severely degraded when it was extremely damp, cloudy, dark. To renew the old villa with many defects, architects have decided to thoroughly renovate the space.

Formerly a small bedroom now adorned with a foyer, the roof of the old bedroom was also used to perforate to receive more light, while the old hall was transformed into a comfortable daybed.

Space for villas (8)

Homeowners also proposed a villa space filled with green trees, natural light and wind so the architect added grass and green trees to the house as well as completely transform the ground floor 1 creating depth for space.

As a result, the whole villa from the front-back space, inside-out are completely “molten” to meet the requirements of light, wind, nature.

Space for villas (10)

Space to focus on factors to welcome sun, wind so the windows, doors are very large

Although much change is due to renovation of the old villa space has been degraded, but the architects are still trying to anchor inherent soul, the characteristics of the villa design sticking. with the host for more than a decade.

Space for villas (14)

The ventilated yellow-yellowed corridor gives this corner a completely different living space

Space for villas (15)

The interior space of the villa is also fully extinguished to create more room for more airy feel.

Space for villas (18)

The staircase section with an improvised ventilated perforated design creates the required accent for this corner

Space for villas (19)

Improving walls with many hollows is the optimal solution to help the stairs look better and the space becomes much more spacious.

(Photo: Trieu Chien)

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