Semi-open design of 4-storey villa for light filled space

Beautiful 4-storey villa owns 2 expensive facades at a corner with a building area of up to 350 m2 with unique semi-enclosed semi-open design that brings the absolute harmony between light, wind and nature.

This is the idea of the owner of the house – the photographer and the landscape designer. Therefore, the design of this four-storey villa perfectly meets both aesthetic and functional.

The 4-storey villa is very expensive with two frontages at a corner, large enough to create a good place to go. The landlord wishes for a living space that gives the feeling of absolute relaxation, light, trees.

As a photographer and landscape designer, the owner of this 4-storey villa knows better than anyone else what to do for living space. Homeowners are interested in bringing so much light, natural wind into the home. So the solution is to use transparent glass walls so that the space is always full of sun and wind.

In addition, homeowners also require a living space capable of capturing the changing moments through the movement of the sun during the day. The spatial design of the villa front is the response of the architects.

Inside the four-storey villa is the deliberate gaps to bring the air as full as the expectation of the landlord for a comfortable living space, with the connection between functional areas.

And finally, the desire for living space is green. A lush green garden and trees arranged by architects scattered throughout the house meet the requirements of the owner.

4-storey buildings (1)

The four-storey villa has a golden location at the corner of the road with two expensive façades. The improvised squares on the wall is the solution to sun, natural wind into this beautiful living space.

4-storey buildings (10)

Expect to have the green living space of the home is met with a lot of different small pots are scattered throughout the house. Corner stairs beautiful lies outside space would be accenting villa by the greenery of trees.

4-storey buildings (12)

The 4-storey villa offers a wide range of materials from concrete, metal, wood, … harmoniously creating a living space close to nature. Here is the floor with staircase with black paint from metal and many unique objects.

4-storey buildings (14)

The living room is nice and airy with large glass windows are perfectly installed so that the host can talk and see the garden. The gray color of the sofa, the light wood color of the table, the black wood floor of the glass frame brings the charm of living room do not decorate too much furniture.

4-storey buildings (15)

The ceiling is very high to bring the spacious, airy as expected of the owner. With the ceiling light design fancy as the personality of the design of this villa. Parallel to the living room is the place to eat warm meals of the whole family. Still a modern glass wall with green garden view for cool hours of fun dining, comfortable.

4-storey buildings (17)

The corridor on the floor is decorated with glass walls and impressive wood paneling. 

4-storey buildings (18)

The corridor system connects the floors together with the protective frame of iron, cool black is extremely suitable for the application of the main color of the house. Lighting system is installed under the stairs and the ceiling light suction eye for this corner more lively.

4-storey buildings (19)

The design of the 4-storey villa is minimized as a theme throughout. In spite of this, every corner of the corner is a good sign, which is difficult to explain as it is difficult to explain such corners as this corridor.

(Photo: Ketsiree Wongwan, Chaichoompol Vathakanon)
(according to Stu / D / O Architects)

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