The scenery of the beautiful villa in Australia can not take your eyes off

This beautifully converted Australian villa has become a comfortable living space for homeowners. Architects have created unique creative ideas to create a home with ecological sustainability values ​​that are human-friendly.

Beautiful 2 storey villa but full of facilities

Beautiful villas are equipped with passive solar energy systems and economically-powered LEDs as well as hydronic and solar water heaters have been used to reduce electricity costs and usage.

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Nice villa with luxury façade, same modern lines. The sheltered porch of impressive eaves blocks. Using bright colors combined with wood color and glass material makes the villa become soothing and elegant. On the roof is designed the roof type A has created the slope rain water drainage is just as graceful charm for the villa.

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The space inside and outside the house seems to have no separation, forming a space full of open air.

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Monthly months with simple lines are hit by the wooden steps

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The open space is spacious, feels very comfortable and comfortable

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Double-layer window with a corridor outside, inner layer covered by a shade.

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(according to Archdaily)

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