“Nhà Hộc Kéo”- beautiful villa model swept the green array in Vung Tau

The villa has a very unique name. The townhouse is located on a land area of 470 m2 in Vung Tau, and more than 60% of the villa area is reserved for greenery. It is the owner’s request for a living space close to nature where architects have come up with ideas, sketches, construction and completion of this beautiful villa in 06/2016.

Design: MIA Design Studio

Design leader: Nguyen Hoang Manh

Conceptual design: Nguyen Hoang Manh, Nguyen Quoc Long, Nguyen Van Thien

Technical design: Bui Hoang Bao

Implemented by: Nguyen Thi Mai Phuong

Interior design: Steven Baeteman, Lu Minh Khang

Finish: 06.2016

The landlord loves nature so every time, the place must listen to the breath of nature. From the rustling leaves to the green of the garden, the eyes must be easy to see and hear in any position in the house. Because of that, the beautiful villa was born with a space filled with green, for the fresh air, extremely rich.

In the context of the coastal city of Vung Tau increasing rapidly with the house growing up close, crowded cars, noisy dust and smoke, the idea of finding the nature of the home can be understood. Although open space is extremely close to natural socks, but the house still guarantees the very necessary privacy.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (2)

Although space is inside …

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (4)

… or space outside the house is still filled with green.

The architects call this beautiful villa by the name near the “townhouse drag” because in the design process, they have divided the villa space into many “small” alternating ” “Features and” landscape “. In parallel, the bulkheads make the home feel like a giant cabinet with loads of “pullers” closed in, opening randomly interesting.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (6)

To link these “hangers” together, a long corridor with the “green curtain” of the buttonhole brings a pleasant touch to the entire space in the house. And obviously this “blue curtain” is used to cool the house under the harsh weather of the tropics.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (7)

The green curtain has the effect of reducing the temperature of the house at the same time as a highlight to add space to live.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (9)

Beautiful living room  in the same space with kitchen-dining, two sides garden view cool green to feel extremely relaxed.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (10)

The kitchen is equally beautiful with two-color white-brown blend.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (12)

The endless corridor with one side is the “curtain” green button on one side is the system of vertical wooden joists together into the partition.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (14)

Everywhere in the grounds of this beautiful mansion is a fresh green of the trees.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (18)

Beautiful bedroom with garden view to enjoy the eye.

Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (24) Beautiful villa in Vung Tau (25)

(Photo: Hiroyuki Oki)

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