Interior design villa Ms. Linh – Ha Tinh

Interior design villa

Project: Villa house

Location: Huong Khe-Ha Tinh

Finished: 2016

Category: Interior design

Accounting Unit: Nhaxinh-group


thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh- (1)

The main room is marble with luxurious patterns

thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh- (2) thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh-(3)

Modern and comfortable kitchen

thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh-(4) thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh-(5)

Large dining room with 10 seats for a hearty meal


Aquariums meet the preferences of the owner


Stairs up to the second floor, the floor is marble tiles combined glass rail strength


Tea space with gentle design is not fancy with cote floor up one level


The bedroom of the owner is decorated eye-catching and full of personality


Luxurious wardrobe with glossy materials.

thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh-(11) thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh-(12)

Sleeping chairs in the bedroom are also decorated with impressive decals


Small bedroom for the owner’s baby


Family karaoke rooms are also arranged on the third floor

thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh-(15) thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh-(16) thiet-ke-noi-that-biet-thu-nha-chi-linh-ha-tinh-(17)

Some view in karaoke room

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