Inside the villa as beautiful as resort in Binh Duong

This beautiful villa is located in a new urban area in the center of Thu Dau Mot (Binh Duong province). The owner is completely satisfied with modern living space, full facilities such as a miniature resort.

Designer: MM ++ architects / MIMYA
Architect: An Pham, South-England Kervyn
Location: Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

Located in a prime location, this beautiful villa called Tropical Villa in Thu Dau Mot (Binh Duong) makes it unforgettable when it owns not only the heart but also the interior. in.

Tropical villa Binh Duong (1)

Right at the entrance, the fence and gate were enough to make the other person fall in love by bringing the rustic, close and natural breath into the design.

With a large area of land, architects from MM ++ architects / MIMYA can easily come up with more ideas and suggestions for designing and building this project. With the desire to have peaceful and peaceful living space, the bar is no less comfortable and luxurious, the architect decided to draw a beautiful villa with outdoor swimming pool looks like the resort. how are you

Tropical villa Binh Duong (2)

In addition to the construction land, the rest for outdoor swimming pool, garden.

The outdoor swimming pool is designed like no other resort. The sunbathing area is also arranged so that the whole house has a place to relax after waving under the pool.

Tropical villa Binh Duong (3) Tropical villa Binh Duong (4) Tropical villa Binh Duong (5) Tropical villa Binh Duong (6)

Grasses, trees give a cool blue color to dispel the heat of the South climate.

Tropical villa Binh Duong (13)

The spacious living room of the family is designed with many glass windows for the light is always filled in. Living room with neutral colors. The eye-catching floor mats are an interesting highlight for this common living space.

Tropical villa Binh Duong (14) Tropical villa Binh Duong (15) Tropical villa Binh Duong (16)

Solid wood furniture in the kitchen space of the family. Modern kitchen appliances are housed inside a rustic, rustic wooden shelf that creates a unique combination.

Tropical villa Binh Duong (19)

As well as other functional areas, this beautiful villa’s bedroom possesses extremely large area. Not too much interior decoration combined with the design of many windows to brighten the room feeling wider.

Tropical villa Binh Duong (23)

Bathroom scored by airy, pleasant. 

Tropical villa Binh Duong (24)

A corner of clean vegetables covered in beautiful villas.

Tropical villa Binh Duong (25)

Home owner sharing since the beautiful mansion completed to put into use, the whole family just wandering around the house no need for relaxation far away because all the amenities and entertainment needed are inside the house This.

(Photo: Quang Tran)

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