Amazed with beautiful 1-storey villa design 10 × 30 m

For those who want to own a living space that fits comfortably, this one-story designer villa is worth considering. Design points scored by architecture and interior, outer space and interior.

Designer: architect Pham Thanh Truyen

Located on a plot of land with an area of 10 × 30 m, beautiful villas even just one floor is enough to captivate people. This one-storey villa design includes functional spaces of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen-dining.

1 storey beautiful 10 x 30 m (1)

The design of the 1-storey villa is marked by the beautiful, modern but still no less close thanks to the beautiful garden is carefully cared around the house.

The interior of the beautiful villa is marked by two main colors of gray and white bring a modern living space, young and medium for a spacious, spacious feel for the house.

1 storey beautiful 10 x 30 m (2)

The warm and cozy living room with the main gray and white furniture and carefully selected furniture bring the luxury and sophistication needed for this place.

Additional points for the interior space of this beautiful one-storey villa design are large enough size paintings to be used as art objects.

1 storey beautiful 10 × 30 m (3)

The kitchen is beautiful , airy with white mainstream. The set of tables and chairs is set against the large glass window overlooking the garden.

1 storey 10 x 30 m (4)

Stylish hanging lamp, wooden table for 6 people sitting with green trees arranged to bring space to eat both cozy and luxurious.

A beautifully landscaped garden surrounded by beautifully designed villas gives a fresh, fresh atmosphere. The large glass door frame is an architectural solution designed to help the interior person easily see the outside.

1 storey 10 × 30 m (5)

The bedroom space is not out of how many people dream. Nice working angle set to the garden. The large glass door is once again applied to help the owner easily see the beautiful garden at any time.

1 storey 10 x 30 m (6)

Wooden furniture is mainly in this bedroom which gives a warm feeling of relaxation.

1 storey 10 × 30 m (7)

Regardless of the angle of view, the bedroom still glows bright thanks to the layout of furniture and choose the dexterity.

1 storey 10 x 30 m (8)

(Photo: Cat Moc)

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