Nội thất căn hộ chung cư 50 m2 ghi điểm bởi thiết kế sang trọng và tinh tế

Luxurious delights are what you feel right at the foot of this 50 m2 apartment. The 50 m2 area is not too cramped but also not very spacious, but the way that architects apply to the interior of the apartment will make you admire.

At first glance, the apartment is quite similar to a flat type apartment, but it is entirely the idea of the architects to deceive the viewer to look at a wider and deeper space for the apartment design. With the application of glass to the walls and ceilings of the living room, the architects contributed to create the width and height of this 50 m2 apartment.

Besides this unique idea, the apartment interior of 50 m2 is also scored by warm tone and lighting system is installed very cleverly to bring living space shimmering, like .

Apartment interiors (1)

At first glance, it is very similar to the model of flats, but that is exactly the calculation of the architect. Space nice living room with wall and ceiling material is transparent glass bring the wide-open feel than the actual area.

Apartment interiors (2)

Interior apartment 50 m2 focus on the luxury but still ensure the warm tone should be selected as mainstream. Luxurious and elegant living room with tables, chairs, TV cabinets and deep colors make guests come to play the house must admire next to the idea of using wall glass, glass ceiling space for this space.

Apartment interiors (3)

The rational lighting system is also a plus point of interior design of this apartment.

Apartment interiors (4)

Simple style wardrobe with metal bars and hooks are still attractive on appeal thanks to the application of color tone, personality, hard to resist.

Apartment interiors (5)

The interior of the apartment attaches much importance to expressing the style and personality of the owner. Clearly any furniture in the house is very unique from materials, designs, colors. Although it is kitchen-eat but it is fascinated with the fracture, cool in each line, details and interior.

Apartment interiors (6)

A neat kitchen corner, neat with the presence of the items with materials, designs, colors full of fun.

Apartment interiors (7)

Bedrooms are also indispensable for the interior layout of every room very well. From the bedroom to the fully-enclosed closet and the metal bars installed seemingly impromptu but are the calculations, intentions of the architect. This room is the style of the manly, elegant style of the owner of this apartment.

Apartment interiors (8)

Simply a laptop and a sitting chair located in the corner of the bedroom with a nice garden view are enough for the owner’s desk.

Apartment interiors (9)

The wall with the eye-catching plaid pattern, floating in the bedroom space.

Apartment interiors (10)

Finally, the men’s bathroom is correct with the main tone tone. The lines, details in the bathroom interior from the floor, brick wall to the glass wall is applied too subtle, luxurious.

(Photo: ALX)

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