Just like the middle of the wilderness when set foot in the luxurious two-storey penthouse

The design of two-storey penthouse apartment with stone interior, this main wood brings the feeling of being set foot on a wild land, true freedom in the heart of the city.


This 2 storey penthouse apartment is located on the top floor of a large building with a large area and furniture made of stone, wood that looks like a wilderness but also equally luxurious. .

Two-storey penthouse apartment (1)

Taking nature as a source of creative inspiration, this two-story penthouse is filled with neutral colors of wooden furniture and concrete. Thanks to that, the whole apartment becomes peaceful, relaxed feeling as you are walking among the thousands of woods or exploring a wild cave.

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Living rooms and kitchens are in the same space. There is no separation between the two functional areas, which are completely open spaces, giving a surprisingly wide feeling. Open-plan kitchen with large glass windows overlooking the tall sky. Kitchen furniture used mainly wood and concrete. The warmth mixed with openness for an impressive cooking space too.

Situated on the top floor of the building, this 2-storey penthouse apartment has its own corner with beautiful views. In front of the kitchen is the corner for relaxing for the idle minutes of the house with a quiet hammock swing right there.Two-storied penthouses (6)

The living room area is a simple wooden staircase design, and the railing provides the connection between the two floors. And if you have ever thought that boring wooden stairs may have to change that concept because in this two-story penthouse, this beautiful wooden staircase is like this. Round lanterns are used to decorate the bottom of the stairs to make the spotlight shimmering and stand out for this small angle.

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Bedrooms with airy space, large transparent glass box can see the sky outside. Neutral colors still dominate the color of the walls, bed, floor, … The bed wall is quite rough but it is the artistic intention of designers want to bring a space. Private, generous, true wilderness at the discretion of the owner.

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Bathroom is built in the same space with bedroom to bring comfort, most convenient for the host. Still a wall of rough concrete, the main neutral color, weeds are decorated with wild landscape style that the whole apartment is pursuing. It does not hide the modern comfort of this bathroom.

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The bedroom is still loyal to the style. Wood furniture still plays the leading role but the color of the private space for children is fresh, more vitality with green color on the blanket, pillowcase, bed sheets and storage rack of the baby. Besides the function is a place to rest, this room is also built as a real entertainment space for children.

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