The interior design of the apartment is a perfect combination of wood and concrete

With two main materials are wood and concrete, the interior design of this 72 m2 apartment provides a living space both simple and cozy.

Luxury apartment area is quite pleasant 72 m2 not so much too narrow so the interior design of the apartment does not have any problems. From the very beginning, rough concrete walls and concrete ceilings were used by architects for their neutral gray color. Combined with wood furniture for this living space becomes incredibly warm.

This makes the interior design of the 72m2 apartment special, which is the use of DIY interior (made by yourself) with the skillful wooden pallets alongside the luxury furniture ordered by the owner. shop dedicated.

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The beautiful and cozy living room with a set of chairs is made up of dark wooden pallets with moving wheels as a smart interior. The walls and ceilings remain intact neutral gray rough of concrete material. The green color is amazingly lit on the cushion of the sofa for the extra warmth of the room.

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Located in the same space as the living room is modern kitchen-dining but no less intimate thanks to the perfect combination of concrete and light wood. The combination of gray concrete walls and wood panels installed for cooking space adds a dramatic eye-catching effect.

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This beautiful bedroom is not apart from the principle of interior design of apartments, still a wonderful combination of wood and concrete. The room is not very large, but still perfect thanks to the decoration, the arrangement of each main furniture, the subtle side of the host.

Interior design of apartments (12)

It is not difficult to recognize the bed made of similar wooden pallet design sofa in the living room. Wooden storage shelves, wooden bedside tables, wooden floors are enough for the presence of this warm material for a private space. The neutral gray brick wall is still used in this room as an indispensable thing.

Interior design of apartments (18)

Finally , the beautiful bathroom comes in the main interior design in all rooms, still the neutral gray color of the concrete wall, still the sink from the combined wood pallet. Relaxing space thanks to that extremely pleasant.

(according to Form8 Studio)

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