Interior apartment 230 m2 in Hanoi, the owner satisfied after 6 months of renovation

The two-story 230 m2 apartment in Hanoi has raised the idea of ​​renovating its living space so as to bring the breath of traditional Western architecture but still have a harmonious combination of features. Indochina furniture and Vietnam.

Once a student with a view of the architecture in the West, the owner of the house expecting his two-storey apartment will also exemplify the traditional architectural style of the West . But also the beauty in the interior design style of Indochina in general, the homeland of Vietnam in particular in the whole project.

Unlike many people who have had time to study, living abroad, their landlords do not like their two-storey apartment in the minimalist Nordic style but want to bring more cold colors into the apartment. more to create a lively atmosphere.

Design: LAB Concept

Area: 230 m2

Location: Hanoi

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (1)

The interior of the two-storey apartment was chosen by the owner’s hand in order to ensure that they fit in with the ideas they had outlined in the first place.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (2)

The living room area features a large green wall with the presence of a yellow sofa, and a colored wardrobe that is used to decorate the decor. Wall paintings in cold colors as an interesting highlight for living room walls more vivid.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (3) 2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (4)

Access to the second floor is arranged neatly on one side to widen the floor area 1.

Due to the fact that he had to renovate this two-storey apartment because of the fact that the former apartment had a staircase in the middle, causing the functional spaces to be broken apart. The architects from LAB Concept helped the landlord arrange the stairs to the second floor to be neatly to one side. Thanks to this way, the space of the first floor becomes more spacious and airy.

In order to save money, some of the old furniture has been utilized, refurbished by painting or wrapping to fit the new living space.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (5)

Kitchen cabinets and doors kitchen was also refreshed with green shades.

It can be clearly seen that the host couple spends much of their time in green and blue. Typically, each floor has the presence of these two colors. In addition to the green walls in the living room, a storage system and kitchen doors were also painted in this color scheme.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (6)

The spiral staircase is soft and beautiful for the second floor.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (7) 2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (8)

Luxurious bedroom of the couple. Furniture is carefully selected to each item because the owner is a perfectionist.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (9)

If green is the most visible color on the first floor, blue is the dominant color of the second floor. The carpet in the bedroom is a gift when the two brothers travel to Thailand.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (10)

Silver-plated dressing table fitting white dressing room overall. The entire white-walled cabinet system further highlights this space.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (11)

The spacious bathroom is approximately the size of a small bedroom with sophisticated furnishings, as sophisticated as any other space in the apartment.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (12)

The bedroom for the newly born son is designed in detail, using a variety of colors, mainstream is 3 grams of white, blue and yellow.

2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (13) 2 bedroom apartment in Hanoi (14)

The collection of Bat Trang ceramics is displayed in a corner of the apartment.

(Photo:  Ngoc Thanh-Viet Vu)

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