Impressive with the modular design of the small apartment

Modern apartment buildings, but small area also make many people have to shake their head. With modular design, this “small but smart” apartment will show you how to make the most of smart solutions.

Many people living in apartments complain that the narrow area of living space makes them difficult to be comfortable. This is certainly true when you have too many things to bring home but not because the area is not allowed. Do not worry about the solution of this small apartment, you will find nothing difficult, no matter how modest size.

Only 26 square meters, the apartment is so small that you will find it difficult to decorate the interior, allocate the room to reasonable. The problem of modest area is always the preoccupation of people living in small apartments. However, beyond this difficulty, the owner of this small 26 m2 apartment turned the challenge into an opportunity to create a spacious, airy living space extremely pleasant thanks to the modular design, heat.

Helping to save space, the modular design with the functional areas hidden behind the cabin doors to the apartment became incredibly wide. Take a look at this photo series to see if you can anticipate the unexpected hidden behind the walls, the cabinet door is not offline!

Small apartment buildings (1)

The spacious, few furniture hit your eyes when approaching this apartment

Small apartment buildings (2)

At first glance, it is just an ordinary L-shaped cabinets made of wood but …

Small apartment buildings (3)

You are completely fooled by the fact that you will not be able to think that the brown L-shaped cabinets on the left hand side contain a mini-kitchen system. It is as if you are lost in another country that does not anticipate anything happening in this small apartment . Interesting!

Small apartment buildings (4)

The large mirror wall separates the two functional areas. It is a wise choice because glass is a very light reflective material, providing space for the corner to be much wider than the actual area.

Small apartment buildings (5)

Try to look at this glass wall and see if it will turn into something interesting …

Small apartment buildings (6)

It was a folding bed and a big wardrobe hidden behind the wall.

Small apartment buildings (7)

Intelligent interiors are always the answer to the tough question: How to make small flats. This integrated bedroom closet is exactly what the bedroom area needs.

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