Difficult to leave the attention from the interior design of the apartment combines wood with pastel tones

Wood furniture is not strange, sweet pastel tone is also extremely close to many styles of interior design apartments, townhouses. But the combination of wood and pastel colors is rarely used as the mainstream, such as the interior design of the apartment. And obviously, this test deserves an absolute plus. And how can you one day apply it to your beautiful home?


Pastel colors always bring a pleasant, charming feel to any space it is present while the wood is known as raw, natural raw materials close. The combination of the strange idea that familiar in the interior design of this beautiful apartment again shows the design trend is constantly innovating, creative.

The living room of the apartment scored by raw material rustic, warm presence everywhere and the pastel color dots somewhere like the dots for the perfect panorama picture. Wooden floor is a reasonable choice when designing interior apartment in simple style, cozy. In addition, a series of wooden furniture such as tea tables, partitions, wooden shelves contribute to impressive beauty in this common area.

Interior design of apartments (2)

Wood furniture is quite dense in the living room. Meanwhile, pastel tones are squeezed through the backrest pillow, relaxing chairs for the room to add color, tedious.

The dining area of the house is still loyal to the main interior design is the use of wood. With a wooden dining table, wooden chair legs, wood paneling, and an intimate, intimate atmosphere. Seating chairs and back pillow is highlighted in pastel blue color to brighten the dining space of the family.

Interior design of apartments (4)

Remain a unique combination of wood and pastel blue tone in the dining room of the family.

The interior of the kitchen, though, is wooden, but still does not hide the modern look in every detail, every piece of furniture. The light-emitting diodes (LEDs) flood the cooking area, followed by the silver metallic spheres of industrial style that give the kitchen a strong appeal. The wood paneling gives the warmth characteristic, besides, the remoteness of the pastel purple color again makes this space more vigorous.

Interior design of apartments (5)

The kitchen is extremely modern despite the main wood furniture. Purple pastel chairs break the space for brightness.

Can not help but to mention the spacious bedroom of this gorgeous apartment. Remain the main wood furniture, still in purple pastel color but the bedroom also applied quite neutral color for private space to feel comfortable, extremely relaxed.

Interior design of apartments (10)

Neutral gray is pretty much used in this bedroom.

Interior design of apartments (13)

At the dressing table is still loyal to the main style in the interior design of this apartment: wood material combines pastel tone.

Interior design of apartments (14)

Angle of work with the presence of the green pastel cuckoo chair.

The bedroom is decorated with a very pleasant green tone. Wall full of improvised triangle pastel color palette is the perfect spot for the room. The interior design of this bedroom is quite simple with carefully selected furniture to bring the dream space for the baby.

Interior design of apartments (15)

Pastel tones appear dense in the bedroom interior design for this baby.

The bathroom of the apartment scored by mixing pastel tone in each area very reasonably, eye. The presence of the pastel blue color gives this space a sense of true relaxation.

Interior design of apartments (18)

Face sinks with storage compartments are painted pastel blue. Not to mention the plaid legs are also a colorful pastel blue.

Interior design of apartments (20)

And of course wood is present in the bathroom interior design of this apartment.

Interior design of apartments (21)

The storage compartments, plaid lapels, pastel blue towels give this area of comfort, but no less prominent.

(Theo Ekaterina Domracheva on Behance)

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