Apartment apartment 40 m2 scored with modern imprint

The interior design of the apartment of only 40 m2 will give you the idea of choosing, arranging furniture for your apartment more beautiful and comfortable.

Apartments are increasingly popular young people living in cities, large cities by modern space, comfort, close to work as well as reasonable rates. But with an area of about 40 m2 the interior design of apartments so that both satisfying the requirements of power and aesthetics is not easy.

The interior of the apartment is only 40 m2 with the presence of brown and white tones and this open design promises to bring you many ideas – solution to neatly deal with the problem of narrow area of the small apartment.

Apartment interiors (1)

The beautiful living room of the apartment scored in warm brown tones and other bright colors. Modern furniture, not hide the elegance, elegant with sofa, the decorations are arranged throughout the living room.

Apartment interiors (2)

Living room opens to another space with furniture, bookshelf for feeling spacious space, much clearer than the actual area.

Apartment interiors (3)

Meanwhile, the bedroom, though small but with the application of light colors in the same brown main for both interior design of the apartment to give private space so simple, cozy too. Wallpaper flower bed wallpaper, paintings hanging on the wall for bedrooms add charm.

Apartment interiors (4)

Although the area is not large but the interior of the kitchen is still comfortable, elegant. It’s still a warm brown color – the color of wooden kitchen shelf, brick wall for cooking space luxury beauty as the main style that this apartment pursues from the beginning.

Apartment interiors (5)

It is easy to see warm brown tones in any corner of this apartment. From the wooden door, mirror to the door frame, …

Apartment interiors (6)

The same warm brown color when combined with other bright colors helps balance the modern look with simplicity, simplicity for the whole apartment.

Apartment interiors (7)

Beautiful bathroom glossy warm brown tone – what makes the appearance of the apartment. With wooden materials, glass, bathroom tiles that ensure to keep the intimacy but still the modern features needed in a design apartment.

Apartment interiors (8)

The glass-enclosed shower area – modern trends are often found in today’s bathrooms. Wooden material from doors, floor to baffle with warm brown tone brings great comfort to this space.

Apartment interiors (9)

Drawings of the design of the apartment

(Design: Polygon)

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