Apartment 256 m2 luxury is no less than five-star hotel in Hanoi

This high-end condominium apartment in Hanoi exudes splendor and elegance in a classy yet elegant setting. 

With an area of 256 sq.m, it is a combination of 2 adjacent apartments . This house makes everyone dream of owning so many beautiful and elegant furniture.

Design: Azoom

Area: 256 m2

Location: Hanoi

The home of a family of three generations: grandparents, parents and two children, this apartment belongs to the owner of a successful businessman who has the opportunity to travel and stay at many luxury guests in and foreign. Because of that, when the intention is to build a home, the host has proposed to the architect about the design of the interior of his apartment to meet the standards of 5 star hotels.

Apartment building 256 m2 in Hanoi (1)

The living room is so eye-catching with curved and rounded images of furniture, decorative ceiling tiles, curved concrete walls made up of TV racks and curved TV screens for perfect harmony. for

The bright and deep colors are loved by the host and require the architects to mix them perfectly to highlight the contrast between them to bring a luxurious, impressive living space.

Apartment building 256 m2 in Hanoi (2)

The beautiful living room is full of steps with carefully selected furniture to bring satisfaction to the owner. The house of worship is in the same living room.

Apartment apartment 256 m2 in Hanoi (4)

Dining space and beautiful kitchen are all hiccups of the apartment with bright colors and low harmony perfectly perfect together. Wall tiles, floor tiles are also one of the highlights of this feature.

Apartment building 256 m2 in Hanoi (5)

The dining room and living room are located in the same open space separated by a storage shelf.

Apartment building 256 m2 in Hanoi (8)

Homeowners who require interior design must use light and dark colors to create contrasts that bring out the space and home interior design in this beautiful bedroom has fully expressed is the right of the owner.

Apartment apartment in Hanoi (256)

Meanwhile, beautiful children’s bedroom with the appearance of countless vibrant colors. The layout of the bedroom is also different from the bedroom of grandparents or parents.

Apartment building 256 m2 in Hanoi (11)

Beautiful bathroom design application glass frame to the bathroom area.

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(Photo: Le Duc)

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